Waiuku Heritage Trail

Waiuku is an attractive town, characterised by it’s many historical sites, naturally beautiful features and other local places of interest.

The Maori name Waiuku comes from a legend that two prominent brothers, Tamakae and Tamakou, vied for the hand of a beautiful high-ranking Waikato chieftainess. Tamakae was the cultivator, provider and Tamakou the orator. Tamakou was the first to meet her, but she requested that Tamakae be presented to her. He was working in the kumara gardens and had to be washed in the wai (water) and uku (a particular type of mud) at the stream that flows into the Manukau Harbour just behind the Waiuku Museum, before he was able to meet her. Tamakae won her heart and married her. From then the place was named Waiuku.

Farm Park Road, Glenbrook Waiuku

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The great NZ steam train experience! Open on selected Sundays and Public Holiday...

Tamakae Reserve 9 King Street Waiuku

Take time to explore the heritage buildings

5 Queen Street Waiuku

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Come in and enjoy a drink at the Oldest Continuous Licensed Hotel in New Zealand...

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Built in 1865.  Visitors can read the names of the constables of Waiuku District...