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Scott’s Steelworkz Limited
Scott’s Steelworkz LimitedScott’s Steelworkz LimitedScott’s Steelworkz Limited

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Scott’s Steelworkz offers Waterjet Cutting, Unique Art, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Welding and Engineering maintenance services in the Franklin Region.

Waterjet Cutters can cut all materials up to a thickness of 100 mm except toughened glass and diamonds! This means wood, plastic, glass, tiles, ceramics, foam and all types of steel. The advantage of the Waterjet is that it cuts without generating heat, the cut edge needs little finishing. Skill and experience equals high quality work which is our top priority. Delivery on time at a reasonable price.

5 axis Cutting, the latest in cutting technology where the head pivots and is able to cut bevelled edges, counter sink holes, this is a feature we are starting to develop.


Scott served his time in the Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication Industry. He has 38 years’ experience in this industry and has operated CNC Turret Punches, Plasma and Laser machines. He has worked in the Dairy, Marine and Agricultural Sectors specialising in custom one off fabrications.

Joanne runs the office and is being trained up to do some of the drawing. We are happy to help you with your artistic design process.

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Scott's Steelworkz Limited
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