WBSAB Student Body

Shinae Warren

Hi my name is Shinae Warren and I am a Year 11 at Waiuku College. I study Business Studies, Maths, English, P.E, Science and Japanese. I am a class representative at school and also a year level representative on the school council. I enjoy horse riding and am also a member of College Gold Netball team. I am proud to be a member on the board as we are all participating in making improvements on our town of Waiuku to make it a better place for everyone.

 Hamish Jolly


Hello all, my name is Hamish Jolly. Like the rest of the team, I am also from Waiuku College. In terms of subjects I enjoy computing class and wish to pursue a career in the field of Information Technology. Hobbies of mine include listening to music and exercising on the trampoline.

I am honoured to be a member of the Waiuku Business Student Advisory Board as I feel that this board will not only give a voice to the over-stereotyped and under-represented youth, but Waiuku as a whole. We have groups such as the Franklin Youth Advisory Board who do some fantastic work and I hope our board can collaborate and work with theirs sometime in the future, but I believe Waiuku needs its own voice, and I hope that our board will be step in the right direction.

Sometimes people say some rather unflattering words about this town. I must admit I have been guilty of doing so. After all I’m not perfect, I’m human. That is why I would like to take some action, and instead of solely complaining we can also take steps to improve the town not only for ourselves, but for future generations so that negative consensus may be turned into a positive spirit. No more “Waiuku is boring” but more “Waiuku is a great town I’m glad I grew up there”.

In short, my biggest goal for this board (and I’m sure this is view shared by other members) is that we can make a significant and positive change to Waiuku, as Mr Roger Daltry said in the song by The Who, “Let’s see action!”

Lucy Woods

Hi my name is Lucy Woods and I am another highly passionate member of the Waiuku Student Business Advisory Board. I am currently Head Girl for Waiuku College and have learnt a lot about team work and my individual capabilities from this role.  This year I am studying a range of language rich subjects including English, Media Studies, Spanish, Art History and Drama. This is to compliment my future studies at University, where I am hoping to complete a bachelor of Communications. Joining the Waiuku Student Business Advisory Board has been a highlight of my year because I feel as if this is my chance to give back to the community in some way, seeing as Waiuku has offered me so many opportunities. For instance I have been fortunate enough to be in the College Gold Netball team and to compete in many competitions including the local season held by our very own Waiuku netball centre. I am very excited to be a part of WBSAB because I believe that through advocating for youth we will offer an invaluable perspective on town issues and help make Waiuku a better town for all.

Ethan Wells


Kia Ora my name is Ethan Wells and this year I am honoured to have been selected as Head Boy of Waiuku College. I am hugely passionate about making a positive change in my school and community. I have also been a member of the Franklin Youth Advisory Board since 2012, in which this year I have the role of Deputy Chair of the group. As a part of FYAB I have been involved with a vast array of things in the Franklin community. From ANZAC Speeches, designing new parks, running art, skate and dance events as well as advising the Local Board on youth issues – I am very proud of our accomplishments. At school I study English, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry and Drama. I love science and I also enjoy performing on stage. In future I hope to work in the field of healthcare where I can put my passion for science and helping others to real use. I was extremely excited to be asked to be a part of the WBSAB team, as it enables me to focus on the needs of my very own wonderful community.

Cameron Lamont


Hi I’m Cameron Lamont and I am a Year 9 at Waiuku College. I am a class representative at school and I enjoy rugby and orienteering. I was also Head Boy and Dux of Sandspit Road School last year. I enjoy English, Maths, Art and Graphics. I am honoured to be a member of the board as it will help much of the wider community and it is also a great way to be able to get advice from young people as much of the decisions that we make now will benefit them. I think that WBSAB will help make Waiuku a better place in the future.


Emily Rattrie


Hi I’m Emily Rattrie and I am currently deputy head girl at Waiuku college. I believe that the youth is the future of our community and we should place emphasis on them. With creating this group I know now we have a voice not only at school but in our wider community where we can influence changes that will affect not only us but generations to come

With going on and studying nursing I think the involvement I have will help me with bigger life choices, being to see the coin from both sides,

I hope to help future students gain the confidence in their natural abilities so that they can make the most of all opportunities that come their way. As one of the three year 13 members on WBSAB, I wish next year’s group of students the best in being the voice of the youth in the Waiuku community.


Savarna Asafo


Hey, for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Savarna. I am currently a year 10 heading on into NCEA next year. Some of you know me as ‘that runner!’, some as ‘there’s that girl who plays touch’ or ‘hey I saw her at soccer or was it the netball courts?’ and some of you, not at all. But I don’t mind being that person, the person without a name. That’s a reason I decided to join the Waiuku Student Advisory Board. It’s all about putting your voice out there and letting it be heard because names aren’t all that matter, it’s what you do that matters. I am very excited to be a member of the Waiuku Student Advisory Board because I believe it is the perfect way to get my ideas for improving Waiuku, as well as the ideas of my peers across to those who make decisions in our community.